For decades vehicle manufacturers focused their attention, including financial and people resources, under the hood and on the exterior of the cars and trucks that they built.  The interior, for the most part, was not considered crucially important and, as a result, seats were not extremely comfortable (except in luxury vehicles), safety had to be legislated, and – with the choice of taupe or gray – the inside seemed to be a second thought. 

THAT HAS ALL CHANGED.  Today, carmakers recognize that, while performance and exterior design are critical to the consumer, much of the action is on the interior of the vehicle.  INSIDEout Cars & Trucks is a response to that change. 

We give the reader the inside story about vehicles available for purchase today, things to consider about pre-owned vehicles, aftermarket products for personalizing or updating an existing vehicle, and content about human factors and interior design, trends in materials, lighting, heating and air conditioning, seats, electronics (including integration) that affect the driver/passenger experience, entertainment in all its forms, navigation, safety systems, and storage. 

INSIDEout also features the designers and engineers who are shaping the vehicle, as well as the inside story on industry happenings that affect our readers.

All of our contributors are professional automotive journalists from around the world.  We will profile them for you and you can feel free to let us know if you like their stuff.  This is not a blog site, but we do want to hear from you.

Why are subscriptions free and how do you subscribe?

Subscriptions to INSIDEout: Cars & Trucks are free because it is possible to cost effectively produce the publication and distribute it without asking you to pay for it.  Over time, our advertiser revenue will offset the cost of the publication, but we will not wait to produce the magazine since we feel that the information that we are providing is necessary for an educated consumer.  It is our hope that people will look forward to receiving every issue and use us as an invaluable resource, as well as an interesting read.

There is no catch.  We will not solicit money from you, share your email address with anyone, and will allow you to unsubscribe at any time.  You can even choose to enter the site as a guest as often as you wish.  If you subscribe, you will receive notification of every issue of INSIDEout with a convenient link so that you can read the issue online or print it out to read at your leisure.

How do I contact the editor or publisher? Click here to contact us!

We will publish your letters from time to time, so please include contact information in your correspondence.  We look forward to hearing from you.




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