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This is the home of INSIDEout: Cars & Trucks, the only magazine dedicated car and truck interiors...  If you have found us, it may have been a fortuitous accident, or you asked us to notify you when a new digital issue goes online.  In any case, we hope to become your source on interiors, the most exciting part of the driver/passenger experience today.

Why a magazine dedicated to vehicle interiors?  No one else is doing one.  Carmakers have recognized that you want the same qualities in your vehicle interior that you want inside your home.  We agree.  It’s a no-brainer since you spend so much of your time inside the vehicle, and studies show that, while you may fall in love with the exterior or the performance features, you really make your choices based upon what is inside.  More car-buying mistakes are made based upon the interior than anywhere else. 

Think of it as “cupholder syndrome”.  Once, people didn’t consider the placement of the cupholders.  Today, we count them and try them out. That is just the beginning…Do you turn on the interior lights to see what your instrument panel will look like at night?  Do you check out the vents on the heating/cooling units to see if they are effective throughout the vehicle?  Do you actually get into the back seat for a drive with the driver’s seat pushed all the way back to check out the experience?  Do you need to accommodate pets?  The list goes on and on.

INSIDEout: Cars & Trucks is all about your in-vehicle lifestyle including:  

*       Human factors and interior design

*       Materials including fabric, leather, resins, metal, wood and floor coverings

*       Lighting, including instruments panels and displays

*       Heating and cooling

*       Seats

*       Electronics (including integration)

*       Entertainment in all forms

*       Navigation

*       Safety  

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